The art of remaining silent

The motto that marked and changed my life is that if you cannot say anything good, say nothing at all. We are not created the same way. We have a different design, although our creation follows the same principles. Some of us are genetically more sensitive than others. The outside factors don’t act upon us in the same ways. Whatever some might view as normal, others might view as unusual. The first rule of common sense says not to judge whatever you can’t understand or doesn’t fall in the category of things you view or consider normal. Don’t be in a hurry to express your opinions. Stop in place, think, put yourself in the other’s place and give it a chance. We might do the same things during the day, but our unique design allows the outside factors to influence us in ways that make us unique. It is the reason why we act differently to the influences acting upon us.



Optimism is a habit that can be learned. As an exercise, start by smiling at everyone you meet. Expect something good to happen to you regardless of what occurred yesterday. Start by accepting that the past no longer holds you captive. It will continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. How liberating is to let the past go when you realize that an abundant world awaits you!

You can learn to be optimistic, to believe that tomorrow will be a better day than today. Because of your past, you are capable to discover that by making changes you allow your spirit to soar. These changes don’t happen overnight. It takes courage to let go of the familiar and throw yourself into the unknown. It takes courage to start all over, to meet new people and to find yourself in new circumstances.

If you trust yourself, then any obstacle is pushed away.

About love

There will always be doubters when it comes to love. Falling in love is the easy part. Making that love last amid life’s challenges is an elusive dream for many. Some love stories have the power to change someone’s life in ways one cannot imagine. There are stories that rise from mysterious places and others that are discovered because they are a gift from someone else. The destiny that matters most in anyone’s life is the one concerning love because a life without love is not worth living.

Be kind

People can be very quiet about their pain that you forget they are hurting. They go about their days and splash a smile for the world but deep there is a fire that consumes them. They help their peers and forget to help themselves. But they know that they will try again tomorrow. This is true strength . They have to let go even when they want to hold on. It takes courage to pick up the broken pieces of yesterday and puzzle them together for a better and brighter tomorrow. This is why it is important to remember to always be kind to each other. You don’t know what battles the others fight.

A Mature Woman

A mature woman doesn’t dominate, but touches people. She doesn’t provoke, she is provocative. She is not smart, she is wise. She is not insinuating, she is subtly showing the way. She is not in a hurry, she is waiting for the right moment. She doesn’t fly, she floats. She doesn’t care about quantity, she prefers quality. She is not demanding, she likes to enjoy the people and the things around her. She doesn’t judge, she is analyzing. She is not demanding, she is selective. She doesn’t shine, she lights up the room with her presence. She doesn’t like to be watched, she prefers to be listened. She doesn’t order, she manages. She is not reborn, she is in constant bloom. She doesn’t talk about sex, she’s a master in the art of love. A mature woman is a combination of all the beauties because she is a woman.