The power in our scars

This is a fragment from my new book, The Power in Our Scars, a collection of thoughts that will appear in the month of December. It is meant to bring comfort to a weary soul and to show that we can draw strength from our hurts.


Often people use fate as an excuse, as an apology for all the people who we have walked away from. We speak about those times and pretend that if it were meant to happen, it would have.

But we were wrong because fate doesn’t exist. Only our effort does.

And this is where we fail each other. If it were meant to happen, we would have made it happen. If it were meant to be, we would have stayed. And we would have fought.


Carmen Monica

Begin Again

It’s hard to move on. It tears you down in ways you never expect to be broken. And when this happens, don’t get scared. You will rebuild yourself. Do not cry for the piece of yourself that you’ve lost nor the parts of yourself that were left over. Instead, splash them across the grass. Then, look at every one of them. Look at the memories you’ve made, and then look at the sacrifices. Look at them from a place of healing and choose to create yourself all over again. Shape your mind and your spine to be stronger this time. Then shape your heart to grow more prominent this time. Shape your eyes to see more than you’ve ever imagined, and shape your mouth to say all the words you never allowed yourself to speak.

Begin again.

Not knowing

Some step into a season not knowing what tomorrow would bring and they have made the brave decision of doing it anyway. They have made the brave decision of trusting and going on even on days like this and this is what matters. That they are still moving on living one day at a time, trusting in a better tomorrow, waiting for the storm to pass.

I believe

I believe that there is beauty in contrast, in the light and the dark days. I believe that there is beauty hidden in hope and in hurt, in ashes and in flames. I truly believe that one can fall and then rise again, that one can sin and still be saved.

I truly believe in sitting with the broken, the ones holding their piece together with belief, the ones bandaging their fear in faith. I believe in the souls who had protected their soft, who had always known, even when it ached the most that their wounds would heal, that the hardest part of life grows from the inside.

I truly believe that there is beauty in contrast, that you haven’t lived until you have died.


Carmen Monica

The power of a prayer

Deciding to forgive is the first step, but we have to do something more important than forgiving. We have to pray and bless our enemies. Wow! I am pretty sure many say to themselves: Are you kidding? How can I pray for someone to be blessed when the truth is I don’t want them to be blessed? But when we decide to pray for our enemies to be blessed, we are releasing them so God can bless them with the truth that has the power to free them.

I truly believe that God expects us to help those who hurt us by giving us the grace to carry on this heavy task. Our hardest test will be how well we handle those who mishandled us. Forgiving the ones who hurt us is the most powerful thing we will ever have to do, but it will open doors to many blessings in our lives.

We can only overcome evil with good, for the evil things that were done to us can only be overcome by a willingness to let go of bitterness and anger and by praying and blessing our enemies. When we show love, and we are kind and do good things expecting and hoping for nothing in return, our recompense is abundant, our hearts are filled with love and grace.


Carmen Monica


A woman’s heart

One of the most beautiful things in the world is a woman’s heart. It is both fragile and strong, delicate yet resilient. When a woman decides to give you her heart she gives you her most prized possession. If you love, cherish, nurture and protect it, a woman will give you the world. She will make you her world and everything she does will gravitate around you. Be careful how you treat her heart so that you will always be her guiding light, her island of joy, her place if tranquility, her confident, her friend and her lover.

One day we’ll forget the hurt

One day we’ll forget the reason we cried, and the ones who brought the pain. We will finally realize that the secret of being free is not revenge, but allowing the things to unfold in their own ways and time. After all, not the first chapter in our lives matters the most but our last. It is the last chapter that will show how well we ran the race. So smile, laugh, forgive and love over and over again. You show maturity when someone has hurt you so badly, and instead of lowering yourself to their level you let Karma clean up the mess.

Your life, your story

Tell yourself that you are strong and brave enough and go out there and live without restrictions. Let go of everything that no longer serves you or brings you joy. Your moment has finally come, so go out there and live above the mediocrity, step out of the box that held you down. Regardless of your age, the circumstances, the scars, make a decision to live the rest of your life worthy, filled with joy and peace. There will be days when troubles will come and they will be rough, but you have the power to fight them and stop them. You’ve done it before and you survived and came out even stronger than before. This is your legacy, your story of bravery.


Sometimes all we miss is patience. We need patience to understand that we need to make the decisions together. We need to understand that we can heal together. We can change together. All we need is to know that nothing happens overnight nor it will be easy. People are usually more successful in making changes when they have the support of a loving partner.

🌹🌹The gift of a mother🌹🌹

🌸Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. 🌸How blessed we are to have brought children into this world, a reflection of us, a glimpse into a future we try to create. It is hard work to be a mother, to care for another, to put one’s needs above your own, to offer one’s the best you can offer. There will be sleepless nights, and days filled with worries, and times when you doubt yourself and wonder if you’re doing it all right. But then you tell yourself that nobody is perfect and that you’re doing the best you can possibly do, and that it is okay to break down so that you can rise up again. I went to a christening party for a baby girl last evening. My family and my friends were there to celebrate a new soul who came into this world. It made me remember that although my son is 18 now and on his way to build the life he wants, he will always be my baby just as I will always be my parents’s baby. The passage of time shouldn’t alter the bond between parents and their children and regardless how far they might wander they know that they could always come back home. And even if the relationship with one’s mother hadn’t been a very close one, just look at your circle and see that God had sent a mother figure in your life to guide you in your moments of hardships. And if your mother is long gone from this world like my mother you still have other moms around and you can cherish their work of raising daughters and sons and being their guiding light into darkness. 🌸🌸Happy Mother’s Day!🌸🌸 Love, Carmen Monica